About Us

Habitus est Altitudo

Career Action Point

On a mission to transform and enhance competence for credibility in service by experienced trainers and facilitators.

The training centre features three floors of modern facilities, each named after a tree, from Olive to Maple, Palm to Cedar, Acacia to Almond, providing a unique and inspiring learning experience. Including, well-equipped boardrooms, a faith garden for meditation and relaxation, and uninterrupted power supply.

Every room is equipped with high-speed Wi-Fi, a projector, and a great sound system, making it easy for participants to participate in interactive sessions and make presentations. Additionally, kitchen services are available on request, allowing participants to enjoy healthy and delicious meals that cater to their dietary needs.

Our commitment to providing a unique and inspiring learning experience is evident in every detail of the training centre. From the serene environment to the practical and hands-on training programs, everything has been designed to ensure that participants have a fulfilling and memorable experience.

Join us at our training centre and take the first step towards building your credibility and achieving your professional goals.

Our Vision

To awaken and engage for leadership empowerment.

Our Mission

To transform and enhance competence for credibility in service.

Core Values

Integrity . Diligence . Resilience

Our Symbol

Rebirth . Growth . Abundance . Healing . Peace


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Available Training/Meeting/Conference Rooms and their Capacity

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